Selling Your Assets

A business is made up of tangible and intangible assets which maintain its core balance. You are bound to accumulate these holdings which help in the production of your product and to maintain positive goodwill in the trading world. Your business’ real estate, vehicles, supplies, and equipment will be recorded as tangible assets. The intangible assets will be made up of trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

While some assets remain crucial for a businesses’ lifetime, others have to be discarded from time to time.  In case these temporary assets have not eliminated the chances of them becoming liabilities arise. Expulsion of intangible assets is done per a change in company strategy while depreciating assets have to be shrugged off for buying new ones — irrespective of the reasons we must understand that anything that stands between profits should not be tolerated. 

Furthermore, some businesses sell their assets to have some cashback in their account or to buy a new and more competent substitute.  Let us acknowledge the basics of selling assets first.

Consider depreciation

Assets are obliged to experience depreciation either from obsolescence or from wear and tear.  The loss of value determines the asset’s worth one can use as a tax write-off.  It also affects the resale value of the resource to a great extent. 

Maintain good records

Good records are crucial whether you are taking deductions or selling the business assets. To authenticate your asset’s value, you should know about the true purchase price, depreciation cost, repair or modifications, and any other related expense.

Donation helps to remove an asset

Many times you will not be able to sell your asset or struggle to convince buyers. In those circumstances, it is better to donate an asset to a legitimate non-profit organization. However, do not award an asset without proper documentation.

If the asset holds considerable value, then you must request an appraisal on its worth from a third party. The extra step will provide you with an accurate number for the deductible amount. 

Always sell the assets on their fair market value

Sometimes we have to sell good quality assets to settle debts. The situation forbids us from enjoying the sales price of our holdings. You must work harder in these tough conditions to calculate the fair market value of your assets to minimize further damage.

Business tax gets affected by asset sale

In any possible situation, you will either be selling the asset on an inferior value and incur loss or sell it at a profit for a capital gain. There will be a direct impact on business tax, and it will increase if the assets are an old possession. You are obliged to enter the correct information about capital loss or gain in your tax return too.

Now we should focus on the right way to calculate asset value

Talking about the assets bought for the tax year, you should have records about the original price of the asset with the sales tax. It should also include delivery or shipping charges, accessories, setup and training costs.  The records must acknowledge the asset’s characteristics with the date of purchase and its impact on business administration.

On the other hand, some assets have been sold for the same year. Its documentation should have an accurate description of the asset, date of sales, price of sales, marketing and broker fees. You can also write down the accumulated deprecation experienced by the asset. 


Thus sales of asset is a regular yet big decision for any business. Elimination of the wrong pieces of equipment can cause you tremendous loss. It might stop your production process altogether, subsequently wasting time, money and efforts. Meanwhile, a loss incurred on the sale of an asset will not have much impact on your long term goals.  

You should take a calculative decision barring any emotional thought. Anything that can harm your business should be eradicated as soon as possible. There is no need to endure extra loss over a liability that once served as an asset. Make sure that you sell the asset to a wise buyer who won’t misuse the equipment.

All in all, asset sales are an important issue, and you should have detailed indulgence in the process.