Hiring the Perfect Employee

So, you require a competent employee? Is your workspace suffering from unproductivity and wasted time? Are you ready to choose the right candidate? Irrespective of the answer, you will always encounter a situation where it is difficult to predict the correct person in the hiring process.

If you have ever chosen an unskilled employee, then you must know about the loss incurred while hiring, training and managing the person. In contrast, a good employee works towards better productivity, maintains healthy relationships with colleagues and also boosts the overall working environment.

Such an employee is hard to find as people are more interested in making personal gains than taking the business forward. Thus, you should be cautious enough to hire the most suitable person. Here, we will be putting light on the measures towards appointing a new employee.

Describe the job title properly

Before anything else, you must concentrate on the job analysis. The process will help you to know about the responsibilities and duties associated with the job. Also, it will clarify the skills, work environment and outcomes of the profession.  The information is essential to develop an authentic job description for potential employees. Subsequently, you develop the platform to indulge in the next step.

Design the recruiting strategy

Call a meeting with all the people who would be hiring the new employee. Forward the information you just accumulated and pick a hiring manager. If possible, go with the people who have had experience in dealing with job aspirants.

Examine their credentials

To get hold of the person on the other side of the table, you should undergo a deep examination of their registration form and resume. The piece of paper will tell you a lot about the person, sometimes more than a face to face interview.

A candidate always writes about the positives of their qualifications. However, you have to read between the lines to understand reality. Remember, a person with the best skills and experience can also be a negative impact on the company. Choose a person who is able and willing to improve your businesses’ productivity.

Ask the correct questions

Talking about the interview, it is the best opportunity to judge a job seeker. Your questions must be focused on making the candidate comfortable before anything else. Then you should ask about the ethical values of the person. Thereafter, talk about the compensation if and only they are in line with your ideology.

Check the background

Verify your potential employee’s background with the former employer. In case it is their first job, then you should get in touch with their college authorities. The validation is necessary to confirm the skills and experience reported by the candidate.

Generally, look out for work references, criminal history, education credentials, and employment references. For better surety, you can check the credit history of the candidate. You are not obliged to hire a person who has an alarming financial history and credit score.

Perceive these qualities

To choose the best employee, you should consider their competency level. In order to separate better candidates, you can judge them on education, skills, and experience first. Now, observe their capability to do more than their duties.  A person who is willing to put in extra effort and creativity are always admirable than others. Growth of an employee depends hugely on their wish to learn more about the business.

Furthermore, the best candidate should get along with colleagues.  They should also have the charm to gel in with existing and potential clients. Always go for a person who wants to harmonize their relations with others. Another aspect is commitment towards the job. Never choose a person who has a habit of passing the time in different jobs as they do not deserve long term investment.

Honesty is a virtue seldom found in people. A person who is true about their values and goals will always benefit the company.  Being a team player is like icing on the cake. Finally, propose them a market-based compensation which does not do injustice with their efforts and abilities. 


Human resource is the most important demand in any business. When best people work together, the outcome is bound to be positive. Be a good leader and employee those people who have faith in your vision.