About Me

Our website is an effort to educate people over every matter related to finance.  This educational and inspirational platform aims to guide us through the money issues we face every day. We have made sure that we not only focus on minor fiscal issues but also take note of the bigger and life-changing problems. Thus, the website is a digital teacher for anyone who would like to take control of their finance.  However, it does not mean that we talk about short cuts and petty ways to become rich as we believe in long term investments that improve your financial profile steadily. 

Talking about the website, we should also acknowledge the reason behind its creation. Back in the day, we as students of economics never found a credible source of information over the internet. Now and then we stumbled upon websites that made tall claims but failed to put anything new on the table. Majority of these websites were a copy-pasted version of things we already knew. Although we were lucky enough to find teachers and books that helped us understand the roots of finance, yet we always felt bad for others. 

Nonetheless, we started working in the financial sector after graduating from a reputable English college. There we learned about the entirety of the money matters we had studied before.  It helped us to figure out solutions for real-life financial issues which are never covered in formal literature. Moreover, we settled various money problems that were the outcome of the change in our living ad thinking style.

After working for more than two decades in the world of finance, we finally decided to make our dream true. At that time, the internet was experiencing a boom, and we understood the psyche of the dot-com generation.  Then and there we established the idea of developing a website which would affect the lives of people around the world. The task was not as easy as it sounded for we had no experience in creating a web portal, let alone handling its management.

Thus, we opted for a training class for the next eight months to make sure that we were aware of our digital capabilities.  Side by side, we were making moves to write the first articles for the website.  It was one of the toughest jobs that we had come across in years. But our sheer will helped us to write the first fifteen blogs for the website.

It was not a success, and the website we created with minimum efforts did not have the charm to attract and retain readers. Thus, for the first few months, we were feeling ashamed of the decision we made due to over-enthusiasm.  It was then we met Robert who had been working in the IT industry for the past twelve years. He was the missing link that we needed desperately.  We took another two months to build a quality website with the same content we had produced before. With time, more and more people started visiting our website. 

These people also sent messages that communicated their love and appreciation for the content we produced. Nonetheless, they also talked about the space we could improve upon, which guided us towards betterment.  Again, we worked day and night to fulfil our promises and improve the layout and interactive levels of our website.  Eventually, things went smooth, and we made a great impact on the finance world.  Since then, the website has been considered as one of the leading media producers over fiscal matters.  It has been a rollercoaster ride, and we hope that it never ends.

We are more than happy to help and guide you over potentially life-changing issues. Plus, we expect you to be attentive over every topic of consideration, or you might lose your hard-earned money. Remember, these articles are standard guidelines which are not absolute, and you must use them as per your wisdom.  All in all, the website is an outcome of great efforts which must be acknowledged.  We are thankful to each person who contributed to our achievement. We will do our best to maintain the standards and your trust on this website.  Enjoy learning; it is a lot more fun than regretting afterwards.